Electronic Waste

E-Waste (electronic waste), also known as "brown goods," refers to electronic equipment that is no longer usable or wanted. It encompasses a broad and growing range of electronic devices, including computers, office equipment, televisions (TVs), cellular phones and personal stereos (but not including some household appliances). We refer to these items as "escrap", which can be recycled rather than dumped into the landfill.

Today, when an electronic item breaks or becomes outdated, it is often perceived to be more cost-effective to discard it and replace it with a new, more modern item instead of having it repaired. With technology advancing at an increasing rate, this trend will only increase, and more and more "escrap" could fill up our landfills.

Kentucky statutes prohibit the landfilling of computer scrap (particulary CRTs and Leaded Glass) for businesses.
Any electronic device that contains a circuit board has the potential to exceed the TCLP limit for hazardous materials (TCLP is Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure). If you dispose of materials that can fail the TCLP, then you may be required by the EPA to register as a hazardous waste generator.