Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located? Location Information
2. What are your hours? Location Information
3. What do you pay for? Purchasing Information
4. What do you take for recycling? Recycling Information
5. Do you take TV’s? Yes. A recycling fee is required.
6. Do you take CRT computer monitors? Yes. A recycling fee is required.
7. Do you take printers, faxes or copiers? Yes.
8. Do you take debit or credit cards? Yes.
9. What happens to the computer? Recycling Flowchart
10. What happens to the TV / CRT? Recycling Flowchart
11. What happens to the electronics? Recycling Flowchart
12. What happens to the refrigerator? Recycling Flowchart
13. What happens to the hard drive? Recycling Flowchart
14. Can you come and pick up my old _______ (enter old electronic device here)? Yes. See our services page.
15. Are you on Facebook? Yes: Our Facebook Page
16. Can you help with our service project for school/work/community? Yes. Call for details.
17. Can you help us clean out our storage area/basement/garage/attic? Yes.
18. What will you pay me for my laptop/computer? Depends on multiple factors. If broken apart, we pay per pound for each individual part. If whole, it will depend on several factors… quantity, age of device, model etc. Feel free to contact us for more details.
19. Can you fix my computer? Yes, see here for more services.