Pickup Services:

We have multiple vehicles for different customer needs:

Kentucky eScrap Box Truck

  • 24′ Box Truck with liftgate service for up to 12 skids of equipment
  • 13′ Box Van for up to 6 skids of equipment
  • Sprinter Van


Labor starts at $25 per hour per person. Pickup fees start at $95.
For large quantity pickup services, please call for quote.

Asset Recovery:

Tri State Escrap, in a joint effort with Computer Consignments can competitively liquidate excess or replaced assets that are still valuable for reuse in the market or have significant scrap value. We offer asset inspection and valuation to determine a strategic liquidation of your unused goods. Asset recovery is not only a smart financial move for your business, but it extends the life cycle of your electronics, greatly reducing the environmental impact of the electronics industry itself. Call for details on how we can help your business through the often costly process of asset disposal!

Data Destruction – Hard Drives, Flash Drives, Mobile

Many devices now hold private data, especially computers, phones, tablets, and much more. With account data, email, health records, financial reports, and intellectual property making its way to every electronic device imaginable, it is more important than ever to ensure that data is disposed of properly. Tri State Escrap offers the following services to protect the privacy of individuals and businesses:

  • Hard Drive Destruction – Drives are physically crushed by a machine.
  • Certificate of Destruction – We report to you the destruction of the drives including the serial numbers.
  • Data is destroyed in-house; We do not ship elsewhere for our processes.

At Tri State Escrap we have a no landfill policy!

Call today to inquire on your specific needs!